Notify your Customers When Their Order Is Ready


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Business Insights

You cannot improve what you can't measure. Get useful stats about your sales

Customer Notifications

Your customers will receive an SMS to let them know their order or service is ready

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Get to know what your customers think about your business

Business Expenses & Inventory

Manage your expenses and inventory. Waitr will do all the accounting for you by the end of the month

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Reduce Customer Traffic

Letting your customers wait on premises builds up traffic and that traffic can intimidate potential walk-in customers. Your customers can now leave your premises and get a notification when their order or service is ready

Business Insights

Want to know what's the average order time for your business? Or perhaps you want to know how long it takes your customers to collect their orders. You can get such insights and more from Waitr

Integrated POS + CRM

If you take our advanced package, you get a Point of Sale system that speaks to our Customer Relationship Software. You'll be able to link your orders to customers and later send those customers SMSs regarding specials or any other offers





per month

1 x free device on 24m contract

Unlimited Order Ready SMS Notifications

Integrated Point of Sale




per month

2 x free devices on 24m contract

Unlimited Order Ready SMS Notifications

Integrated Point of Sale

Customer Ratings

Customer Details

Request a FREE Demo

Receive an obligation free demo and see in real time how the introduction of a digital platform & a data tracking system can make your work environment paperless and improve workflow & business efficiency. 


Any business that deals with customers can use Waitr. Waitr allows you to notify your customers when an order or service is ready via SMS. Examples are:

Take Aways,
Car Washes,
and more

You also receive feedback from your customers through ratings and reviews.

If you also want to handle your business sales, Waitr has a built-in Point of Sale system that lets you manage your whole business workflow from making sales to keeping track of your inventory.
We do. So that you can worry more about managing your business. We don't charge any fee for the SMSs sent to your customers to notify them about their orders being ready.

Please note, custom SMSs sent to your customers for specials and offers are not FREE.
Definitely! If you are registered for the advanced package. We give you access to your customer's database and you can send them SMSs regarding your specials or offerings through our platform. However, please note there is a FEE for the SMSs.
When you register for the standard package or higher, we give you some interesting insights about your business that can help you make critical decisions.

We show you what your average order/service time is - this can help you decide if you need to make changes in your workflow to improve this time.

You will also be able to see how much you made, as well as your expenses and we can help you calculate your profit and losses.

Try us with the 30-day FREE trial to see the full range of insights
You get access to Waitr for a full 30-days with all the features enabled. This will give you a chance to see which of the Waitr features are working for you and your business and help you decide which package to take after the package.

If you are not satisfied with our service (we hope you do), you can, of course, cancel the trial any time you want.

Any Other Question? You Can Contact Us.